Home Window Installation Guide For Major Renovations And A New Look

Posted on: 5 May 2021

If you are planning on doing major home renovations, the windows may need to be replaced. When installing new windows, there are a lot of options for improvements to change the look of your home. There are things you want to consider for the interior and exterior of your home when installing windows. The following home window installation guide will help you with major renovations to give your home a new look:

Evaluate Window Openings

You are going to need to start with an evaluation of the existing openings in your home. Inspect all the openings for damage and begin making a list of things that need to be done. You also want to look at areas that need more natural light. You can enlarge the openings or add windows for areas of your home that are too dark. When you make these changes, you will also want to consider the exterior of your home. You want to try to keep the openings uniform when doing these renovations. This means that windows on different floors should line up and fit the exterior design too.  

Changes for Window Design

The design choices for your windows are also important. There may be areas where you want to add custom features. The first option you may want to consider is installing larger windows in openings. This can be a great way to get more natural light inside your home. You may also want to add features to the design of windows like arches and transom lights (small glass above the main window). These design features are going to require some work to change the sizes of the openings.

Remove Existing Windows

The existing windows in your home need to be removed before the new units can be installed. Try not to damage the exterior finishes when prying the casing loose from the openings. Any damage to the wood structural framing needs to be repaired at this point. The changes to the openings that you have planned can also begin at this stage. You may want to do the project in stages to ensure that your home is not exposed to the elements after windows are removed. This can be done by removing the casings on one wall and installing windows one wall at a time. This gives you time to make changes and prepare openings to ensure the windows are installed correctly.

Installation of New Windows

The last step of your project will be to have the windows installed. Make sure all the windows have seal tape around the openings. This will stop moisture from getting into your home and prevent air leaks. The casings should be secured to ensure they stay square while they are being set in the openings. After the windows are fastened in place, you will be able to caulk around the casing moldings and do any painting or touchup work that needs to be done.

The new windows you have installed in your home can do a lot to improve the design when doing renovations. Contact a home window installation service to start planning these solutions for your renovation project.