Regular Roof Repair: 5 Signs You Need to Hire a Roofing Contractor

Posted on: 20 May 2021

Most homeowners don't pay attention to the condition of their roofs unless there is damage that is too big to ignore. Your roof is the part of your home that is most susceptible to rain and sunlight damage. As such, it requires regular repair and maintenance. But how do you know it's time to schedule a roof repair? Below are five warning signs you need to call a roofing contractor for repairs.

1. Moss and Mold Growth

Moss tends to grow in areas that don't get enough sunlight on your roof. And it can be detrimental to your roof. Moss holds water on your roof, and if it is not removed, water can start penetrating your shingles, causing more damage. A roofing contractor can brush it off without inflicting more destruction to the shingles.

2. Granules or Sand in Your Gutters

Your gutters can help detect roof damage before it escalates. When old or damaged shingles disintegrate, the chances are that the granules will wash into your gutters. If you notice that your gutter is clogged, it is time to hire a roofing contractor. This will save you the trouble of digging deeper into your pockets to replace your entire roof.

3. Cracked Shingles

This is one of the common indicators your roof is in bad shape. This may be caused by poor installation or extreme weather conditions. If you notice any missing or broken shingles, be sure to call a contractor. They will fix your roof and leave it as good as new.

4. Wet Spots on Your Ceiling

Take a look at your ceiling; do you notice any water stains? If so, this is a clear indicator your might be looking at a roof leak.  And you should have it fixed right away or else your home will suffer more damage. A roofing expert can inspect the extent of the leak and repair it on time to prevent further problems.

5. Sunlight Through Your Roof

If sunlight can easily find its way into your attic, then other external things can pop in as well. This could be a sign of broken or missing shingles and should not be ignored.

If left unattended, a damaged roof can take a lot of your money and time to rectify. Do you notice any of the above signs? Hire a roofing contractor before it is too late and save yourself the trouble of having to replace your roof.

Contact a roofing company, such as PM Roberts LLC, to schedule a roof repair.