When A Roof Repair Is An Emergency

Posted on: 28 May 2021

Not all roof issues must be addressed immediately. Sometimes you have time to call around and develop a repair plan. In other cases, though, a prompt repair is necessary.

There Is an Active Leak

The most obvious emergency is when there is water actively leaking into your home from the roof. This is especially true if more moisture or stormy weather is expected, as prolonged leaking will cause the damage to only become worse over time. At a bare minimum, a roofer needs to come out and apply a temporary patch to the leaking areas to prevent further damages to both the roof and the interior of your home. They can then return when the weather clears to perform a permanent repair.

The Roof Is Bowing

A bowed roof, whether it is sagging along the ridgeline, main roof plane, or along the eaves, is a sign of dangerous damages. The roof could be in danger of collapsing, which could injure anyone inside the house. Extensive repairs are often needed, including a full roof replacement. Never postpone calling in a roofer if you notice any bowing in the roof.

Shingles Are Missing

Never ignore missing shingles, as it only takes one storm for water to breach the waterproof roofing membrane below the shingles. Survey the roof from the ground at least once a week. If you notice any loose, curled-up, or missing shingles, bring in an emergency roofer to repair the damage. It costs much less to replace a few shingles compared to dealing with a full replacement and internal water damage repair.

Loose Panels Are Hanging Down

For those with metal panel roofs, an emergency is when the fasteners fail that are meant to hold the panels in place. The panel may hang askew or even lift up on one edge. It only takes one strong breeze to lift up the loose panel and rip it off the roof — often taking additional panels and flashing with it. The flying panel can also damage chimneys and vents on the roof. If a panel looks loose or if you notice missing fasteners, call a roofer to schedule an emergency repair.

Flashing Is Peeled Up or Missing

Flashing around chimneys and vents often has a shorter working life than the roof itself. When it fails, water will seep into the revealed roofing seams and lead to rotten roof decking and water damage inside your home. Always schedule a prompt repair if the flashing is distorted, bent up, corroded, or missing. This is a simple repair that can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Contact a residential roofing service if you suspect that you need an emergency roof repair.