Types Of Temporary Roof Repairs You Might Need When You're Waiting To Have A New Roof Put On

Posted on: 10 June 2021

When your roof is old, it has a higher risk of damage and leaking. If you're not ready to put a new roof on for financial or other reasons, then you'll want to keep up with repairs so that it won't cause a lot of water damage when it leaks. You can talk to your roofer about making the least expensive repairs if you'll be getting a new roof before too much longer. The goal is to plug the leak and prevent even costlier damage. Here are some things a roofer might do for temporary roof repairs.

Put A Tarp Over The Roof

A tarp isn't meant for long-term roof protection, but it will keep the rain off your roof while you wait to have a new roof put on. You'll want to check with your local codes office about regulations for roof tarps. You may be limited in how long you can keep one on your roof before your roof is replaced or repaired.

Replace Shingles As They Start Leaking

One reason shingle damage escalates when a roof gets older is that most of the protective granules have worn away. Without the granules to protect the shingles, the damage from sun exposure and storms takes its toll. If your roof starts leaking, you might want the roofer to replace the leaky shingles and leave the other aged shingles until you're ready for a roof replacement.

Block Holes With Flashing

Flashing can be used to cover holes so rain and animals stay out of your attic. Flashing is a thin sheet of metal that can be cut into small pieces and used to patch over holes. The flashing adheres to the deck of your roof, and flashing can even be hidden under shingles in some cases.

Apply Sealants And Caulk

A roofer can sometimes repair shingles instead of replacing them. They might apply a sealant over a crack or seal up a hole in the deck or other roofing materials. Caulk can be applied around chimney flashing and vents to block rain from seeping inside.

These roof repairs might be less expensive than more permanent repairs, and they may not be the most attractive choice, but if you're going to replace the roof sometime soon, then you may prefer less expensive options now since you'll be spending a lot more money on your roof later.

If you're trying to save the most money on your roof repairs, you might consider DIY options. However, it is probably still worth hiring a roofer, even for temporary repairs, so you can make sure the damage to your roof isn't escalating while you're waiting for your new roof to be put on.

To learn more information, reach out to a company that offers roofing repair services.