Roofing Contractor: 2 Ways To Maintain Your Tile Roof In Perfect Shape Longer

Posted on: 29 June 2021

A roof is one of the most critical elements in your home that keeps you protected from harsh weather conditions and reinforces your security. However, how efficient a roof is will depend on several aspects. First, the functionality of your roof depends on roof design and type. Secondly, it depends on the roofing material you use. Metal, asphalt, or even wood shingles are some of the roofing materials you can go for when roofing your home. 

But did you know that tiles are also an excellent material for a roofing project? Actually, installing a tile roof is an excellent investment because the roof has a prolonged lifespan and is easy to maintain. But for the tile roof to serve better and for a long time, it needs proper maintenance. Here are two tips to help you maintain your tile roof in excellent shape for decades.

Ensure It Is Regularly Inspected

Conducting regular roof inspections may seem like a lot of work, but its benefits are undeniable. It might be hard to discover that some of the roof tiles are broken if the roof isn't inspected as recommended. Roof tiles usually get broken after a heavy storm. In fact, a roof inspection helps you discover when certain roof issues are developing so that you can timely arrest them before they worsen. 

This is important since you can repair the ruined tiles or replace them early enough before they can cause other problems like serious roof leaks. Besides, a roof inspection is usually a requirement for a homeowner who wants to secure their warranty claim, especially after a storm. 

Clean the Tile Roof Occasionally

Tile roofs are often affected by moisture, dirt, and a humid climate. In most cases, these aspects usually facilitate the growth of black algae on the roof. Black algae can affect a tile roof in various ways. First, it causes the tiles to change color, and as a result, the tile roof loses its aesthetic appeal. Cleaning the tile roof using a low-pressure power washer and the recommended detergents is a maintenance practice that will help eliminate these problems. 

Usually, using high-pressure water can ruin the roof by causing the tiles to crack. More often, cleaning a tile roof seems a task that doesn't require professional help as long as one has a reliable high-pressure water source. However, it's dangerous in various ways, and that's why it's among the roof maintenance tasks that a competent roofer should handle.

Tile roofs are durable and can serve you longer than some other roof types. But this doesn't just happen. In fact, it only happens when you invest in proper tile roof maintenance. Let a roofing contractor in your area, such as Roof Pro & Home Improvements, INC., help you maintain your tile roof because they know the maintenance guidelines that will keep it in perfect shape longer.