Roof Repairs That Could Be Needed Due To Squirrel Damage

Posted on: 12 July 2021

Squirrels are cute little animals that are fun to watch as you sit in your yard. However, if the squirrels decide to start playing on your roof, you may develop other ideas about them because it isn't funny when they destroy your shingles and roof deck. Squirrels have strong teeth that grow constantly, so they have a compulsion to gnaw on everything, including your roof. Here are some roof repairs you might need due to squirrel damage.

Repair And Screen The Ridge Vent

The ridge vent is a common place for squirrels to get in your attic. Since the vent is on top of the roof, any holes in the vent will let in rain and lead to water damage in your home.

The roofer may need to put a new ridge cap or ridge shingles on to repair the damage. They may also need to repair damage to the deck and vent. Once the roof repair is done, the roofer may recommend adding a screen or other deterrent to the ridge vent to keep squirrels out permanently.

Replace Part Of The Deck

A squirrel can lift up shingles to get to the wood underneath. If they cause shingle damage, the roofer may need to replace the shingles too. When the deck has holes gnawed in it, the holes need to be repaired. This is usually done by removing the damaged plywood deck and replacing it.

To get the deck off, the roofer has to remove all the shingles above the damaged area. Once the new deck is in place, the roofer puts down new underlayment and then replaces the old shingles or puts new shingles on.

Install A Drip Edge

If your roof doesn't have a drip edge, your roofer might recommend installing one to keep squirrels from lifting the first row of shingles on the edge of your roof. A drip edge is a long piece of metal that directs water from your roof into the gutters. It also works to block squirrels from getting under the first row of shingles and chewing holes in the deck.

The problem with squirrels causing damage to your roof is that the damage escalates due to rain getting in your attic and the roof deck rotting. The squirrel holes can attract other pests too, and you don't want squirrels or rats living in your attic. Before you call a roofer to make roof repairs, be sure the squirrels are gone. Call a pest control professional if you need to. If the roofer closes a squirrel up in your attic, the squirrel may chew a hole and enter your living space below or chew another hole through the roof to escape.