5 Reasons To Choose Seamless Gutters

Posted on: 23 July 2021

Gutters are a common upgrade for a home, but it's important to choose the right type of gutter. Seamless custom fit gutters are the optimum choice for many reasons, as illustrated below.

1. Increase Your Home's Value

The value of your home can actually increase if it is fitted with gutters. Custom seamless gutters are relatively inexpensive compared to other home upgrades. The gutters add to the curb appeal, provide protection against water damage on the foundation and eaves, and ensure that a water deluge won't greet anyone that comes to the door during heavy rain. 

2. Customize to Your Eaves

Seamless gutters are the better choice when compared to standard guttering because they are fully customizable. The gutters themselves come in a few designs, including low-profile versions that are made to fit the eaves without detracting from the roofline. Then, the method of installation ensures that they fit snugly to the eaves as each section is custom fit to the length of the roof. 

3. Reduce Maintenance Needs

Less maintenance is typically needed when it comes to seamless gutter care. Since there are no seams to spring leaks, you won't need to reseal the seams regularly to guard against leakage. Standard gutters may also require more frequent treatment to reduce rust since there are seams that can develop water leaks. Other than regular gutter cleaning, which can be reduced with the addition of leaf guards on top of the seamless gutters, there are little to no ongoing maintenance needs.

4. Increased Gutter Longevity 

With no seams to fail combined with special coatings to prevent rust and corrosion, seamless gutters can last the life of your roof or even longer. As long as the gutters are clipped to the eaves securely with sturdy hardware, they will withstand bad weather including heavy snow, ice, and wind. Much of this is due to the lack of seams, which is a weak spot where damages are most likely to occur.

5. Minimize Water Damages

Water leaking from behind or underneath the gutter can lead to moisture exposure on eaves and siding, which in time will lead to water damages like mold and wood rot. Gutter leaks are often a result of seam failure, which isn't a problem with seamless gutters. Further, the lack of leaks decreases the chances of icicle formation, which, although pretty, can cause major injury to anyone below in the event that they fall. 

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