When To Have A Roof Inspection Done To Check For Shingle Damage

Posted on: 28 July 2021

There are times when a roof inspection is required, such as when you buy a home or get new insurance. However, you may also want an inspection done just for yourself so that you know the condition of your roof and won't have to wonder if your home is safe from water damage. Besides scheduling occasional routine inspections, here are some times you may want a roof inspection done.

When Something Impacts Your Roof

If something heavy falls on your shingles, or if strong winds blow something against your roof, the shingles might be dislodged or cracked. Falling chimney bricks, tree branches, or hail can cause damage that leads to a roof leak. When you have a roof inspection after an impact event, the roofer can make repairs if necessary before a roof leak causes a lot of water damage.

When You Have Animal Pests In The Attic

If you hear squeaking, scratching, or rustling coming from your attic at night when it's quiet, you might have squirrels, rats, mice, bats, birds, or a raccoon living in your attic. If so, they probably came through a hole in the roof that also lets in rain. Even if you don't hear noises coming from your attic, if you see animals on your roof during dusk or dawn, you may want to have your roof checked since the animals could be coming or going from inside your attic.

After A Tornado, Hurricane, Or Big Storm

Roofing materials should tolerate average storms without any problems unless you have an old roof. If you have the information about your roof available, you can check to see the wind speed and hail size your roof is rated to tolerate.

If winds are higher than the rated speed, your shingles could be damaged. Excessive rainfall that lasts for hours might also be damaging. You may want a roof inspection after an unusually strong storm is over so the roofer can replace missing shingles, check for hail damage, and make sure your roof won't start leaking due to the storm damage.

When You Have a Roof Leak

Hopefully, roof inspections will help prevent a roof leak. However, if your ceiling develops water stains or if your attic is damp and moldy, it's time to have a roof inspection done to find the source of the leak and to determine how much damage it has done. You may want the entire roof inspected to make sure the other shingles aren't so worn down that they are at risk of leaking too.

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