Talk To Your Commercial Roofer About The Benefits Of Installing A TPO Membrane On Your Shop

Posted on: 17 August 2021

When working with a commercial roofer about the best type of roof to have installed on your store, they might recommend a TPO membrane. TPO is a thermoplastic polyolefin membrane that reflects the sun and is usually installed directly to the roof so the membrane is exposed rather than weighing it down with gravel. TPO roofing is a popular material for flat roofs for the reasons below.

TPO Roofing Is Flexible And Durable

A TPO membrane is somewhat flexible. This allows it to be resilient when it comes to puncture damage. Its flexible nature means the material springs back instead of being punctured and developing roof leaks.

However, that doesn't mean TPO roofing is indestructible. For instance, it can be punctured, but it is stronger than some other roofing membranes that can puncture easily. Plus, you can buy TPO roofing in various thicknesses with the thicker materials being even more resistant to punctures from dropped objects and impacts.

TPO Membranes Can Be Welded Together With Heat

TPO membranes are installed in large sheets that spread across your roof. When the sheets meet, they are joined together by heat welding. Heat-welding fuses the membranes together so the risk of a seam opening is small. If the roofing material is damaged, patches can also be applied by heat-welding, making repairs easy.

Commercial roofers can easily install this type of roof, too. The TPO roof can go over an old roof and be held down with fasteners or glued to insulation boards. It can also be held down with gravel, but the gravel changes the appearance and reflective nature of your roof.

TPO Roofing Is Beneficial In The Summer

Since the surface of a roof created by the membrane is white and reflects the sun, it'll keep the roof cooler. In this way, it also keeps your shop a little cooler so you can save money on air conditioning.

A TPO Roof Is Suitable For Most Buildings

A TPO membrane can be used in nearly any surrounding because of its resistance to chemicals, oils, algae, and other pollution and debris that lands on the roof. It's also suitable in areas where the roof is visible since the membrane has an attractive white surface. TPO roofing is even suitable for residential use, but it is most commonly used on commercial and industrial buildings of all types. This type of roofing would be a good choice for a shop with a flat roof. To learn more, contact commercial TPO roofing services.