4 Critical Roofing Restoration Steps To Take When A Hail Causes Roof Damage

Posted on: 25 August 2021

Objects like stones, tree branches, and debris can hit your roof. However, the damage may not seem severe as when hit by a hailstorm. In fact, a hailstorm is among the things that many homeowners dread and wish that it never hits their roofs because of the severe damage it causes. Unfortunately, a hailstorm may hit your roof at some point in life. When this happens, you may spend thousands of dollars fixing the damage. However, you can simplify the restoration process by knowing the critical steps you should take when a hailstorm causes damage to the roof. Here are four crucial steps to follow.

Assess Damage Severity

Roof damage associated with hailstorms varies, and that's why it's crucial to assess its magnitude before you proceed with the roof restoration process. However, you shouldn't do it when the storm is still raging. Also, ensure you get protective gear because the assessment process involves climbing up the roof. If you try to climb up the roof without prior experience and skills, you may likely fall and sustain serious injuries. That's why it's wise to hire a roofing contractor to climb up and assess the roof damage for you. 

Prepare the Inspection Report

After the hailstorm damage, it's advisable to inspect the roof and prepare a report. And since you may not do it perfectly, ensure you get a competent roofing contractor to do it for you. They will look for roof damage signs and come up with an effective restoration plan. For instance, they will assess the shingles for cracks and check if the seams are split. They will also find out whether any of the shingles are missing and if the shingle granules have found their way into the gutters. If they notice that the roof is severely damaged, they will recommend a complete roof restoration process. 

Ensure You Properly Document the Damage

After identifying the damage caused by a hailstorm, you should ensure you properly document it. Before the insurer gives your claim the attention it deserves, they will first find out whether you have properly documented the damage. If you haven't done so, they may nullify the claim. For this reason, let a roofing contractor help you because they will take roof photos and document the damage more accurately. By so doing, you will present a convincing report to the insurance company, increasing your chances for compensation.

Involve a Seasoned Roofer From the Initial Stage

Seasoned roofers know more about hailstorms and the damage they are likely to cause to your roof. They also know the best way to restore the roof and perhaps how you could minimize the impact of the hailstorms on your roof in the future. They also follow the insurer's instructions when repairing the roof to ensure the claim isn't tampered with in any way.

If a hailstorm has hit your roof and caused damage, contact a roofer right away. They will analyze various aspects of the damage and ensure the roof is quickly restored to its perfect condition. Contact a roofer for more information.