Understanding The Key Considerations When You're Replacing Your Roof

Posted on: 30 September 2021

For homeowners who have only ever dealt with roofing repairs, a roof replacement is a completely different undertaking. You may not know what to expect of the process or what decisions you'll need to make. The truth is that there are, in fact, some choices that you'll need to make along the way to ensure the best possible results from your roof replacement project. Here's a look at some of the things that you should think about as you start planning your roof replacement.

Will You Change The Roofing Materials?

When you're having your roof replaced, this is the perfect time for you to consider whether or not you're happy with your current roofing materials. If you've had some other ideas about different types of roofing materials that you'd prefer, this is the time to make that change. 

Whether you'd rather choose a living roof or a cool roof over your asphalt shingle roofing or you've been thinking that you just want a different type of shingles, there's never been a better time to make that change. After all, if you have to install a whole new roof anyway, why not use that investment to have the roof that you really want?

Should You Add An Extra Layer?

During a roofing replacement, this is the key time for you to consider whether or not you should add an additional insulating layer to your roof. If you've struggled with climate control or other issues with your existing roof, this is the time to talk with your roofing contractor about its shortcomings so that you can adjust for them with the new roof installation. Sometimes that is as simple as adding an extra layer of insulation or perhaps adding an additional layer of sealant. Your roofing contractor can help you determine what the right choice is.

What Is The Weather Like?

One thing that many homeowners don't think about when they plan a roofing replacement is whether or not the weather is going to be conducive to the project. You'll want to plan your roofing replacement during a time when you have at least a week of decent weather. Your roofing contractor will tell you what to expect as far as the timeframe for completion, but you'll want to avoid any risk of rain or other inclement weather. 

These are some of the things that you should think about when you're planning a roofing replacement. Talk with a roofing company, such as KRG Roofing, about other things that you may need to think about.