Do Your Gutters Need To Be Repaired?

Posted on: 1 October 2021

The gutters on your house help to move water from rain and snow from your roof and guide it into the downspouts and away from your home. Water that collects too closely to your house can eventually seep into the ground and into your foundation, crawl space, or basement, leaving you with water seepage or flooding to your home. If you have gutters on your house already, you know exactly what purpose your gutters serve. If your gutters are not working properly though, they aren't doing their job and you can still end up with an issue. Read on for signs your gutters need to be repaired.

Your Gutters Are Leaking At The Seams

If your gutters are leaking at the seams, or wherever they connect, the water pooling from these areas can eventually cause your entire gutter to wear out. The water puddling on the ground can also eventually seep too much into the ground and cause a water seepage problem for you as well. If your gutters have a leak at the seam, they just need to be reworked so they are connected properly and no longer leak. If you have a leak somewhere that isn't at the seam, you have a different problem and still need to have your gutters repaired.

Your Gutters Have Pulled Away From Your Home

If you have a gap in between your gutters and your house, you need to have this repaired, as the gap can cause water to get in behind your fascia, or you could have an issue with water collecting at your foundation. Either way, you need to have your gutters hung back up and installed properly so it sits flush against your home and protects your house as they should. 

Your Gutters Are Bent Or Broken

If your gutters are bent or are broken in any way, they should be replaced. A bent gutter isn't going to be able to be bent back into place properly and more than likely won't be able to hold water like it once did. If they are broken or cracked, they should also be replaced.

If your gutters are not in good shape, they can cause a water issue for you. You could have water seepage behind them, or you could have water seepage around your foundation. If your gutters are in need of being repaired, you should hire a professional gutter repair service to help you make the repair or to have your gutters replaced altogether.