3 Benefits Of Commercial Metal Roof Repair Vs. Full Replacement

Posted on: 18 October 2021

A metal roof is one of the longest-lasting roofing systems available for commercial applications. A commercial metal roof will last about 30 to 45 years with proper upkeep. However, improper maintenance can reduce that lifespan significantly. A common problem that arises with a metal roof before the end of its lifespan is corrosion due to a deteriorating finish. Fortunately, it's not a death sentence for a metal roof. With some repair and restoration, you can avoid a full replacement and experience a few other benefits as well.  

Repair Extends the Overall Life of the Roof

One of the biggest problems that can arise on a commercial metal roof is deterioration of the roof's protective coating due to sun and weather exposure. When that happens, rust and corrosion begin to take over. Fortunately, there is a fix. A roof restoration involves chemically stripping rust and corroded finishes from the existing roof panels before the rust eats through the roof. A commercial roofing team will then thoroughly clean the panels and apply a new coat of protective finish. This is often necessary on roofs that haven't been properly maintained. These systems use the original substrate as the base, so no panels typically need to be replaced, depending on the extent of the weathering and corrosion. Once a roof restoration is complete, it can extend the life of the roof significantly.  


Once a metal roof has corroded so much that holes begin to form and it starts letting in moisture, it's too late for a restoration and a replacement is necessary. Replacing a metal roof can be expensive, costing on average $7 to $15 per square foot. But a roof repair or restoration is a much cheaper option than a replacement if you can catch the problem before it's too far gone. The key is staying on top of regular inspections and maintenance.  

Opportunity for Energy Savings

Another major benefit of restoring your roof is the option to upgrade to a higher-efficiency roofing system. That doesn't involve replacing the roof at all. Instead, commercial roofers will strip the existing finish, clean it, and then apply a highly reflective protective coating. If the roof of your business is several years old, you might be surprised at the advances in high-efficiency coatings even in just the last few years. You can create significant savings in heating and cooling costs for your building just by adding a reflective coating.

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