Sellers And Failed Home Inspections: Why Should You Repair Your Roof?

Posted on: 28 October 2021

If your roof recently failed a home inspection, you may wonder if you should spend money or time on your roof before you sell your home. If you plan to sell your home as-is to an investor, you may not need to repair your roof. Investors may want to make their own upgrades and changes to your property. But if you plan to sell your home to other homeowners, then have a roofer analyze and repair your roof today.

How Can a Roofer Assist You?

If you didn't make repairs or changes to your roof in the past, the lack of care may reflect on your roof today. The state of your roof can make all the difference in how buyers see your home. 

In order to determine the state and condition of your roof, a contractor or company will analyze it personally. Even if your home inspection report reveals a substantial amount of damage in your roof, a contractor must inspect your roof themselves. Your home inspection may or may not list everything wrong with your roof. 

For example, your roof may not possess enough waterproofing material on it. If the home inspector didn't check the membrane or other waterproofing material on your roof, your roof may not receive all the repairs it needs before you sell it. The new homeowners may complain about the problem later on.

A contractor will also check your home's gutter system, drainage pipes, and chimney for damage. The accessory structures on your roof can leak in the future and allow rain into the home. A contractor can repair the accessory structures along with the main roofing structures for you.

After a contractor completes the repairs on your roof, you can move to the next step in the selling process.

Do You Need Records of Your Roof Repairs?

Be sure to keep all records of your roof repairs. The records show proof of the repairs, including when and how they occurred. Buyers or realtors may want to see copies of the repairs before they make an offer for your home. 

You can also use the records to complete a new home inspection of your roof. An inspector may want to see proof of the repairs before they pass your home. If an inspector questions the repairs, refer them to the roofing repair company that completed them.

For more details about roofing repairs, consult a residential roof repair company today.