If It's Been Hailing, Your Roof Needs An Inspection

Posted on: 10 November 2021

When the weather starts to get rainy and cold in the autumn and winter months, oftentimes hail comes alongside it. These frozen balls of water typically don't cause major issues if you're safely indoors, but that doesn't mean that your house is immune from the risks of hail-induced damage. If it's been hailing in your area recently, you may want to have your roof inspected as soon as possible. Here's why.

Why Hail Causes Problems

If hail frequently falls in the area you're living in, chances are you know about some of the damage it can do to other things. For example, hail frequently causes cracked windshields and can even dent cars when they land. Due to the distance the hail is falling from, its velocity, and the fact that it's frozen, hail can be downright dangerous for people and property alike. The roof of your home is no different.

While most hailstones will remain relatively small, big hailstones can be particularly destructive to homes and roofs. It's possible for hailstones to grow as large as six inches in size, which can be devastating for anything it comes into contact with.

When hailstones strike your roof, they may not do enough damage to destroy the overall structure or interior of your home. However, it's entirely possible for them to damage the shingles on your roof, leading to them being dislodged or falling off entirely.

Worst Time of Year

The biggest problem with losing your shingles right now is that it's cold and wet outside. Snow, ice, and rain can potentially leak through your roof with the shingles displaced. This would be a nuisance at any time of year, but in the cold months, it can be particularly devastating indoors. To make matters worse, many people don't seek help until the storms strike, so reaching someone to come out to your location after you've discovered a leak may not be as immediate as you'd like.

Getting Help

Even if you don't see any warning signs inside your home that the hail has damaged your roof, it's a very good idea to talk to a professional roofer about it. They can come out and inspect your roof for damage from the hail.

If damage is found, it may be repairable by placing new shingles or securing the ones that are already there. However, if the damage is severe, other methods of repair may be necessary, up to replacing the roof. While this may be upsetting, remember that getting help now means that you won't have to worry about your roof holding up during the rest of the wet months of the year.

For more information on roof hail damage services, contact a professional near you.