3 Types Of Residential Roofing Warranties You Should Know

Posted on: 16 December 2021

It would be a grave mistake to overlook a roofing warranty when installing a new roof. After comparing the best commercial or residential roofs, it is essential to know your protections and guarantees for the work. The warranty is your only protection against problems such as poor workmanship and defective materials. Also, it ensures you don't have to dip into your pocket to take care of the expenses that may arise after roof installation or replacement. What warranties are available to you for roof installations?

Comprehensive or Extended Coverage Warranty

This warranty is a value-adding service from manufacturers for roofing systems installed by their authorized contractors. This warranty will usually apply if you buy a complete roofing system, with items such as underlayment and soffit. It comes with certain benefits:

  • Lifetime cover for defective materials and labor costs

  • Cover for the whole roofing system

  • Workmanship cover for defects that occur when installing the roof

This kind of warranty fits if you are a  homeowner who has made hefty investments in buying a complete roofing system.

Standard Manufacturer Warranty

This type of warranty will cover only roofing materials purchased. It covers your roof as long as the person who purchased the roofing materials lives there. Variations of this warranty include:

  • Only cover for defective materials from installation mistakes. The roofing contractor will replace any defective shingles, but you take care of the labor costs.

  • Defective material and labor costs for a period after installation, then a prorated cover for the rest of the roof's lifetime.

  • Standard Manufacturer warranty for only defective materials from the factory, but not defects arising during installation

Workmanship Warranty

Nearly every reputable roof service offers a workmanship warranty to show they are confident of their workmanship. This warranty will take care of defects from contractor mistakes when installing the roof.

The warranty guarantees free costs (material and labor) from workmanship issues. It also takes care of damage to home structures and assets that may occur during residential roofing installation, for example, falling objects damaging your furniture. However, it does not cover:

  •  Damage from forces of nature, e.g., wind

  •  Damage from falling and wind-blown debris

  •  Ice dam damage

  •  Damage from people walking on the roof

  •  Damage that happens after roof installation

Are you looking for a suitable roofing system to serve you for a long time without problems? Talk to your roofer about warranties to ensure your residential roofing services your family as expected. Keep these tips in mind when looking for a roofing company near you.