Times When You May Need Roof Replacement Services For Your Business

Posted on: 5 January 2022

Owning a business means you have to maintain the entire property. This not only includes the landscape or the interior of the building. It also includes all areas such as the plumbing and the roof. There are some cases when you may find you have damage to your roof and need roofing repairs. Though the idea of leaks or obvious roofing damage comes to mind, there are other times when you may need a roof replacement. Here are a few examples of those moments and what to know about each one. 

Gutter Damage

Gutters require two key points to ensure they are not damaging your roof. The gutters need to be installed correctly. This means installing the anchors at the proper points on the roofing and using the proper tools. The second key point gutters need is to be cleaned on a routine basis. If the gutters are packed with debris, they will start sagging and pulling on the anchors. The debris will also be level with the roof. That means the dampness of the debris will eventually cause a breakdown of the roof in those spots, requiring a partial or full replacement. 

Skylight Damage

Skylights are often used in warehouses and other commercial businesses. These skylights allow natural light to enter the area. They also offer a method for air circulation if necessary. The skylights can become damaged easily in different weather conditions. For example, hail can cause massive damage to the skylight glass or to the outer rims of the skylight. The damage to the outer rims can cause gaps in the seals between and around the skylight and the roof. This can lead to water damage and wind damage to the space which will result in roofing replacement or repairs. 

Exhaust Fan or Pipe Damage

Exhaust fans or exhaust pipes from furnaces and fireplace systems can become damaged from hail, high winds, and seasonal high wind conditions. For example, you may have a tornado come through your area. Tornados have extremely high winds and can pick up and redeposit debris throughout the zone it is active in. The wind and the flying debris can rip or loosen shingles on the roof. This allows the rain from the tornado to reach the area under the shingles and between them. This contact leads to possible wood rot, mold, and mildew buildup. Your roofing contractor can offer an inspection following a tornado or other storm and repair or offer roof replacement for the damaged area. 

If you are experiencing roofing issues, contact your roofing contractor. They can perform an inspection of the roofing as well as the gutters and any skylights or exhaust fans. They can determine where damage is occurring. They can also determine if there are any issues that are starting or that you can prevent. Once this inspection is done, they can discuss replacement of a portion or all of the roof.

For more information on roof replacement services, contact a professional near you.