Why Metal Is A Good Choice For Commercial Roofing Retrofit

Posted on: 27 May 2022

When you're looking to do a commercial roofing retrofit project, there are different factors to consider, from the materials and style of your roof to how much money you want to spend on the project in total. In this regard, metal is ideal for a retrofit for its distinct advantages. What makes it worth considering as your material of choice for this project?

1. Avoids High Tear Off Costs 

One of the major costs of upgrading a roof is removing or tearing off the old roof because of the labor and disposal costs. You can avoid these costs by simply attaching your new metal roof to your existing structure with retrofitting. 

This means less time, money, and effort spent on tear-off, which translates into more savings in both time and money. Metal works well because it can work with the present roofing structures without removing or replacing them.

2. Improved Energy Efficiency 

Metal roofs are known to offer greater energy efficiency than other roofing materials. This means more savings because it requires less energy to cool your building. Metal roofing also has high reflectivity, which keeps the building cooler and more friendly for working in hot weather. 

3. Quicker Construction; Less Business Downtime

Many roof-repair jobs involve one or more days of business downtime. You can install over existing roofs during normal working hours with metal roofing, reducing construction time. A commercial roofing retrofit requires less specialized labor and is easier to schedule. Since the old roof is not being removed, the construction is quicker. It translates to a shorter interruption for the business. 

4. Improved Fire Resistance 

Metal offers improved fire resistance over traditional roofing materials, which means that buildings can be safer in high-risk areas. This superior fire resistance makes it an ideal material for retrofitting existing buildings and building new ones. It works well for areas prone to wildfires because metal doesn't catch fire from windblown embers. 

5. Can Be Painted for Improved Visual Appeal

If you're doing your retrofit in an area where aesthetics are important, painting metal makes it easier to ensure that your roofline looks uniform. In addition, most painted roofs—particularly aluminum ones—have warranties that guarantee their color won't fade over time or become discolored from exposure to weather elements. 

The roof on your commercial premises plays a key role in sheltering your business assets and creating a good brand image. Therefore, retrofitting is a good investment to ensure you have a roof in good shape. Contact your roofer to discuss the possibilities of using metal for a commercial roofing retrofit.