Exposing 5 Myths Surrounding Commercial Flat Roofs

Posted on: 14 June 2022

For so long, people have questioned the viability of flat roofs, which has caused some people to miss out on the brilliant benefits of installing them. Yet, they have remained the ideal roofing option for large commercial structures. For this reason, it would help to learn the truth about them. Learn more about five myths surrounding the roof construction style by reading below.

They are More Susceptible to Leaks

The truth is that no roof is completely immune to leaks. After years of daily exposure to sunlight and other weather elements, any can succumb to wear, regardless of its pitch. A roof is also vulnerable to leaks if you do not hire an expert roofer for installation, care, and maintenance. Therefore, to ensure that your flat roof does not leak, hire an experienced roof installation contractor, and invest in a waterproof cover during installation, so that water does not seep in.

They're Completely Flat

Another common myth about flat roofs is that they're completely flat because the name suggests it. However, this is not accurate because there would be excessive water pooling if they were completely horizontal. This means that roofers usually include a raised section that helps drain water away.

They are Less Cost-Effective

If you have had the chance to explore other types of roofing styles, you may agree that this statement is far from the truth. In fact, business owners prefer flat roofs because they're highly cost-effective. For instance, you do not need many materials to install it, which significantly reduces the installation costs.

You Can Perform DIY Repairs

Flat roofs may seem simple, but the installation process is intricate and thus should only be handled by experts. Professionals have years of experience and training, enabling them to get the layering process right. On the other hand, if non-professionals take up installations, costly mistakes are more likely.

Flat Roofs Are Incapable of Supporting Heavy Snowfall

Another misconception is that they cannot support heavy snowfall and are not ideal for snowy areas. Like the other myths discussed above, this is not true. On the contrary, your flat roofing is built to handle any load as required by building codes. Therefore, you do not need to worry about your safety or damage to your building during snowy days.

Now you know the facts about commercial flat roofs. Get in touch with a roof installation company to answer any other questions and address concerns you may have about them. Reach out to a roofing installation company near you to learn more.