Common Spanish Tile Roof Problems And How To Repair Them

Posted on: 28 July 2022

Spanish tile roofing is a type of roofing that is often traditionally used on Spanish or Colonial-style homes. It has been used for centuries and has been adapted to today's trends. If a tile roof is properly maintained, it can last for many years with no major issues. One of the most common issues on Spanish-style roofs is when tiles pop off the roof from age or from hail damage. These tiles can be repaired with a few simple supplies and tools. Here's how to deal with the common issues with Spanish tile roofs.

Damaged or Missing Tiles

If one or more tiles on your roof have been damaged by hail, wind, or impact from falling debris, they'll likely be cracked or chipped on all sides. The best way to deal with this is to remove them as soon as possible before they break completely off and fall down into the attic or onto your home's exterior. Make sure that you wear gloves and eye protection when removing any broken tiles.

If there are areas that used to have tiles but no longer show any visible signs of them, then those tiles have probably fallen off and need replacing before water starts leaking through the holes they left behind. If a tile is missing due to weather damage or other reasons, the best thing to do is replace it immediately.

Cracks in the Tile or Mortar

The most common type of damage occurs when there is a crack in the mortar between the tiles or on top of them. This type of damage usually results from natural erosion caused by wind and rain. The first step to fixing this problem is to remove any moss, dirt, and debris that may be inside the crack so it can dry out properly. Next, use an adhesive such as waterproof silicone caulk to fill in the crack so water cannot get into it again. Finally, if there are any large cracks on top of wooden beams or support posts, then you must repair these before attempting to patch up smaller ones.

Blocked Drain Spouts or Gutters

A blocked drain spout is the most common cause of water damage in a Spanish tile roof. The reason for this is that Spanish tile roofs typically have very little overhang from the roof, making it easier for rainwater to direct itself towards the drain spouts and gutters. The problem is that these spouts and gutters are often made of copper or another metal, which means they can become blocked with debris over time.

As a result, you may notice that your Spanish tile roof has started to leak in one particular place. If so, it's likely that something has been blocking the drain spout and preventing water from flowing through it properly. This can be remedied by removing any debris from around the spout or gutter and then cleaning them out thoroughly before reattaching them to their place on the roof.

If your Spanish tile roof has been damaged, you can easily repair it yourself. Contact a Spanish tile roofing service for help with the installation, repairs, and maintenance of your tile roof.