Reasons Your Metal Roofing Keeps Leaking

Posted on: 2 August 2022

Only a handful of commercial roofing materials can compete against metal roofs' performance. However, it is important to note that this does not make them indestructible. For example, there are several issues that can cause them to leak. It helps to find out why this keeps happening so you won't have to deal with this problem recurrently. Once you know the root cause, an expert can apply a permanent solution. Below are some reasons behind metal roofing leaks.

Issues with the Roofing Screws

The screws on your metal roof are responsible for holding the panels in place. Beneath each screw head is a washer whose job is to form a barrier so that no rainwater enters your building. However, this is only effective if these components are installed correctly. Unfortunately, DIY metal roof installation is rife with errors of over-driving, under-driving, or sometimes misaligning the screws. Besides this, keep in mind that the screws may come off when the winds are strong or if the roof is shifting. As a result, your roof leaks until you engage a commercial roofer to rectify the problem.

Sealant Is Missing

Metal roofing installation cannot be complete without a sealant, which goes around vital roofing components, e.g., ridge caps and pitch pans, in order to help protect your roof from leaking. Furthermore, using the right sealant ensures that your metal roof can expand and contract without restriction. However, a non-professional metal roof installation may utilize the wrong sealant or not include one at all.

This inevitably causes leaks and leaves your commercial building vulnerable to water damage, which you avoid by ensuring that the installation is conducted by a professional. Besides this, the sealant can only last a certain number of years, so it needs to be inspected regularly by a roofing contractor, ensuring that it is replaced in time before it deteriorates.

Issues with the Curb Flashing

Roofers typically install curb flashing on your roof where the HVAC system is mounted. It also provides a means to connect the much-needed ductwork for the HVAC system. Unfortunately, the curb is also an area where your roof is likely to leak, so it needs a protective cover called the flashing. The roofing specialist should regularly check that the flashing is uncompromised, so they can replace it as soon as required.

The above information lets you know what causes your commercial metal roofing to leak. Fortunately, your commercial roofing contractor can comprehensively inspect these components on a regular basis to ensure that your roof does not leak.