Points To Discuss With Your Roofing Contractor About Getting New Asphalt Shingles Installed Over Old Ones

Posted on: 10 August 2022

If you have an asphalt shingle roof you'll be replacing soon, you might wonder about putting the new shingles over the old ones rather than tearing the old roof off. Your roofing contractor can check your roof and let you know if that's a good idea. Sometimes it may be possible, but other times, the old roof needs to come off. Here are some points to discuss with your roofing contractor.

The Effect On The Roof's Lifespan

A second layer of shingles can affect the lifespan of your roof. Your roof will probably wear out quicker when it has two layers of shingles since the top layer traps heat. This might cause the top layer to wear out, curl up, and show other problems related to excessive heat.

The Matter Of Cost

One of the main reasons to get an additional layer of roofing is to help with costs. If you're having trouble coming up with the money to tear off the old roof, then covering up the old shingles may seem like the best option. You may be willing to accept the risk of a shorter lifespan for your roof and the need for more repairs just so you can pay less upfront.

When you calculate the long-term costs of having two layers of shingles, you may find you don't save anything, and the new roof may even cost you more since it won't last as long.

The Risk Of Too Much Weight

Unless you live in an old house, the structure of your home can probably hold a second layer of roofing, but you'll need a roofing contractor to verify this. It's always good to consider weight since your roof might have even more weight added due to snow piling up or when the roof is wet.

The weight could potentially cause your roof to sag over time, that's why you want to make sure your roof can support two layers of shingles. Building codes usually prohibit a third layer of roofing due to the weight issue.

The Difficulty Of Making Repairs

Repairing a leaky roof might be more difficult when the roofer has two layers of roofing to repair. It might be harder to find moisture damage and points where the shingles are leaking. This might make repairs more expensive, and if leaky spots aren't found, the damage to your deck could be extensive.

A roofing contractor can explain the potential problems associated with repairing an asphalt shingle roof that has two layers of roofing. Repairs are still possible, so you'll want to check your roof regularly so repairs can be done while the damage is minor.

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