EPDM Flat Roofs? 4 Things That Indicate You Could Be Experiencing Leakages

Posted on: 26 August 2022

Also referred to as rubber roofs, homeowners commonly use EPDM roofs because of their waterproofing characteristics. Due to this quality, they offer better protection against leakages. While this is the case, you may sometimes experience water damage in your home even after using them. This may happen for different reasons, such as membrane damage or wrinkles extending to roof seams. If you want to address EPDM flat roof leakages on time, here are a few crucial things to watch out for.

You Notice Wrinkles On Your Flat Roof

When in excellent condition, your rubber roof should appear even. So, if you notice any wrinkles or it isn't tight enough, the chances are that your roof could be leaking. The wrinkles on the roof membrane indicate that moisture has penetrated your roof membrane, causing deterioration to the adhesive holding it in place. If you don't address this problem on time, you will likely experience serious water damage in your home.

The Seams and Joints On Your Roof Are Likely Failing

Proper flat roof installation is crucial in preventing unexpected damage to your roof. Still, your roof seams will fail at some point. You should know that the seams on your roof are fitted together to ensure that water doesn't enter your home. Over time, the adhesive holding them will deteriorate and cause water to seep in. Regular inspection can help to catch and address the early signs of deterioration, preventing water leakage.

Not Using the Proper Edge Flashing

Proper rubber roof edge flashing installation is crucial in ensuring you don't face serious roof problems. While installing this flashing, your roofer will ensure it goes below your roofing material. This way, your roof will extend slightly to the gutter. One of the major issues with improper DIY roof flashing installation is that it can cause water ponding at the edge of your roof.

The Rubber Roof Membrane Has Shrined

A common design issue with rubber roofs is that they usually shrink over years of exposure to UV light. When this happens, the roof will begin to pull from the corners, providing a pathway for water to enter your home. If you don't catch and address this problem on time, it can cause significant water damage to your home.

EPDM flat roofs are known for their durability and excellent resistance against the elements, particularly in heavy rains. However, they're prone to leakages, and this guide has explored some factors behind this issue. Remember, periodic maintenance by a qualified roof contractor can prevent premature roof failure. 

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