Have A Leaking Metal Roof? Here Are Some Possible Causes

Posted on: 14 October 2022

Many homeowners prefer to install metal roofs because they are durable and need less maintenance. While this is the case, you must ensure professional installation for your roof to last long. Failure to do so can leave you with myriad problems, a common one being water leaks. More so, this issue can go undetected and end up causing damage to your home if you fail to conduct regular roof inspections. Below are common causes of roof leaks that need the attention of a roof repair professional.

The Pipe Flashing Is Worn Out

It is no surprise that metal roofs expand and contract with changing temperatures. That said, this occurrence makes the flashing detach from the roof. When this happens, you will notice water leaking around pipes leading out of your roof. If this is the case, call a roof repair professional to inspect the flashing. The expert will ensure they secure the flashing to your roof to prevent leaks. In addition, they'll use a rubber material (stack flashing) to form a seal around the areas to prevent leakage. 

Improper Installation of Roof Screws

The screws that secure your roof during installation have a rubber washer below the head. You should know that when the screw is fixed correctly, it prevents water from entering your home. However, if you forgo professional installation and fail to schedule an inspection, you have no way of telling if the screws attach the right way. In this case, you may experience roof leaks due to improperly fitted screws. Also, remember that the screws can still "back" out over the years because the roof's exposure to high winds leaves room for leaks. 

Failure To Properly Seal Chimney Flashing and Roof Valleys

The roof chimney is susceptible to cracks around the flashing. This is especially common when you experience bad weather. So, call an experienced professional to fix the damage after such a weather condition. You should also know that the joints and sealing roof valleys are other common areas for water leaks. More so, this happens if you fail to seal them correctly during DIY roof installation. As such, if you notice the separation of your roof from the valley, contact an expert roofer for repairs.

The Roof Sealant Is Missing

Roofing professionals will install sealants while fitting your roof. That said, you should know that your roof sealant doesn't last as long as your roof. So, checking the state of the adhesive should be part of your regular maintenance. 

Given the seriousness of water damage, you should use the help of a professional roofer to address your leaking metal roof. Also, don't wait too long before making residential roof leak repairs because you might be forced to replace the entire roof if you have extensive damage.