A Free Roofing Inspection Lets You Know If Your Roof Needs Repairs Or A Replacement

Posted on: 14 December 2022

If you want to know if your roof needs repairs or a replacement, consider getting a free roof inspection. Some roofing companies offer free inspections because they hope you'll choose them to make repairs for you or put on a new roof if a problem is found. However, you shouldn't be obligated to have roof work done. It's a good idea though to find out what a free roofing inspection includes. You'll probably want the roofer to check for the following problems.

Poor Drainage

The roofer might be able to tell by looking at your house from the ground if there is a drainage issue. Rain that doesn't drain away from your home properly can cause a lot of damage to the roof, siding, windows, and other parts of your home. If your roof has water damage, it will need repairs or a replacement.

Mold Growth

Poor drainage also leads to mold growth. If mold is an issue, you may need the roof replaced. However, the roofer will identify the growth on your roof to make sure it's actually mold. Algae is a problem for roofs too. It makes big black streaks on the shingles, but it doesn't cause damage. It's mainly a cosmetic issue. However, mold and moss can cause damage and they need to be removed. The damages they caused need to be repaired.

Ventilation Issues

Poor ventilation causes shingle damage. It might cause the shingles to curl up along the edges. Replacing the shingles won't solve the problem. If your attic doesn't have enough ventilation, the roofer may need to add a vent to the top of your roof.

Shingle Damage

One of the most important aspects of a free roofing inspection is to check the shingles. The roof shingles are the first line of defense against a roof leak. If shingles are cracked, loose, or missing, they need to be replaced. Shingles can be damaged in an isolated area due to tree branches swaying or raccoon activity, or the damage could be widespread due to old age or a storm.

Flashing Leaks

The roofer will also check the flashing since flashing leaks are common. They'll also check rubber boots since these can crack and let rain in too. If your roof has a skylight, sun tunnel, turbine vent, or anything else on the roof, the roofer will probably check around the base to make sure it's sealed and not leaking.

Once the roofer has gathered all of the information from their free roofing inspection, they'll compile a checklist or report that shows you all the damage on your roof. They may even take photos so you can see what the damage looks like. They may also give you an estimate of the cost for repairs or a replacement so you'll have all the information you need to make a decision about fixing your roof.