Important Roof Maintenance For Wet Climates

Posted on: 20 December 2022

One of the main functions of a roof is to keep water and moisture out of your home. So, in a way, if you live in a wet climate, your roof will have to work even harder than usual. It may also experience more wear and tear than usual. With proper maintenance, though, a roof can continue doing a good job of keeping your home safe and dry, even in a wet climate. Here's what that maintenance should involve.

Frequent Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is important in any climate, but especially in a wet climate. If your gutters are clogged and it is raining a lot, your roof will stay much wetter than it should, which can mean a lot more wear and tear than usual. Clogged gutters also allow water to drizzle down your siding, which could stain and damage the siding. In a wet climate, you will want to clean your gutters more often. Try doing it once a season, and if you're finding a lot of gunk each time you clean, consider increasing that to once a month.

Moss Removal

Moss loves to grow on roofs that stay moist or are frequently moist. This is something to be especially concerned about if your roof is under the shade of a tree or another building. Once moss starts to grow, it will quickly cause your shingles to deteriorate. So, either you or a roofer should spray the roof with herbicides periodically. Make sure it is a herbicide that is specifically recommended for use against moss; not all herbicides work on moss.

Nail Pop Repair

Nail pops are when a roofing nail rises out of the shingles and roof deck a little. It may stick up a quarter or half an inch. In a more moderate climate, a few of these are not a huge deal. But in a wet climate, water can start seeping in around the popped nails. A little water here and there, over time, can cause the roof deck to start rotting or growing mold. So, you'll want to have a roofer come repair all popped nails — probably every couple of years. If they find a lot, they may want to come back more often in the future.

In a wet climate, you need to take better care of your roof. Follow the maintenance tips above, and your roof will be better able to take care of you. Speak to a roof maintenance service to learn more.