Bought A New Commercial Building? Why You Need To Hire A Commercial Roofing Contractor

Posted on: 22 February 2023

If you recently bought a commercial building, it's time to hire a commercial roofing contractor. This is especially important if you didn't get a roof inspection before you bought the building. Read the list provided below. Here are four reasons to hire a roofing contractor when you buy a commercial building.  

Schedule an Inspection

If you didn't schedule a roof inspection before you bought the building, you need to take care of that right away. There could be existing damage that needs to be taken care of. You don't want your building to flood during the next rainstorm. A roof inspection will identify problem areas. It will also let you know how old the roof is. Once you have the inspection, you can move on with your roof care. 

Repair Existing Damage

If you bought a commercial building with existing roof damage, don't wait to take care of the repairs. Postponing the repairs can cause a variety of problems for you. Roof damage can increase the risk of leaks. Unfortunately, leaks increase the risk of structural damage and mold growth.

Roof damage also increases the risk of accidents and injuries. Without repairs, the roof could collapse. Also, without repairs, you could fall through while you're on the roof. This is especially true where flat roofs are concerned. Avoid the risks. Repair your commercial roof right away. 

Apply Waterproof Sealant

If your commercial building has a flat roof, it's time to plan for the sealant. A waterproof sealant protects your flat roof from all types of weather-related damage. The right sealant also protects your flat roof from damage caused by foot traffic. Before you have fresh sealant applied to your commercial roof, you should have the surface cleaned.

Cleaning will remove the dirt and debris that can prevent proper adhesion. Your roofing contractor can take care of the cleaning and the sealant application. It's a good idea to have fresh sealant applied each year. Fresh sealant provides lasting protection against damage. 

Discuss Roof Replacement

If you bought an existing commercial building, talk to your contractor about a roof replacement. This is especially important if the roof has serious damage. You might think you can save money by repairing the damage. But, some damage can't be repaired. This is especially true when the main roofing structure is damaged. Roof replacement will protect your commercial building. Plus, your new roof will come with a warranty.

Contact a local roofing company, such as DeShazo and Son Roofing, to learn more.