How Do Roofers Repair A Sagging Roof?

Posted on: 20 March 2023

You've probably heard that if a roof sags, it is very bad news. Sagging roofs are more than just a risk for leaks and water damage. They can also cave in, which makes it unsafe to be in a home with a roof that is sagging. The good news is that while repairing a sagging roof is a major undertaking, it is something that most roofers are capable of accomplishing. Here are the key steps a roofer will follow in order to repair a sagging roof.

Step 1: Remove all the shingles.

Even if only part of the roof is sagging, a roofer will generally remove all of the shingles from the sagging roof. This way, they can thoroughly assess where the roof deck is damaged and where it is still intact. Sagging indicates that the roof deck is damaged under that part of the roof, but often, cracks in the roof deck extend beyond the section that is visibly sagging. The only way to tell how far those cracks go is to remove the shingles.

Step 2: Remove the damaged part of the roof deck.

Once the shingles are off the roof, the roofers will remove all parts of the roof deck that are cracked or rotten. This will expose the beams that support the roof. On occasion, one or more of those beams will be affected by rot or damage. If this is the case, the roofers will remove and replace that beam.

Step 3: Install new decking.

Once the support beams are all functional and sound, the roofer will put new decking into place. Usually, plywood is used for this purpose, but recently, some roofers have begun using a more durable, water-resistant board material. The decking will then be covered with an underlayment, which is a layer of felt-like fabric that offers a little extra protection from moisture if water happens to get past the outer shingles.

Step 4: Reshingling.

With the underlayment in place, the only thing left for your roofers to do is install the new shingles. They'll start at the edge of the roof and work their way up. The roof should look flat and not saggy once they are done.

If your roof is sagging, do not ignore this issue. Call a roofing company in your area such as Allcon Roofing. Sagging roofs are not safe, and while it is a lot of work, a roofing company can fix them.