Roofing Inspection And Repair Recommendations For Winter Preparation

Posted on: 14 October 2020

Your roof is an essential protective barrier to your home, and during the winter this fact is ever more real when the snowstorms, wind, and ice build-up pelts your home from all sides. When you are prepared for winter weather with a sturdy-build and well-maintained roof, you can rest easy knowing your home is ready for the weather, but you may need to take some time for preparation this fall. Here are some recommendations for you to get your roof in top shape for winter's upcoming snow, wind, and ice so your home can be protected.

Hire a Roof Inspection

As a first step to getting your home into the right shape, it is recommended to hire a roof inspection anytime you question the condition of your roof. And this is especially true when you have experienced some heavy wind storms and rainfall this past year that may have caused some of your roofing shingles to come loose.

A professional roofing contractor can get on your roof to look around for any visible signs of damage. They can be in the form of crooked shingles that you may not even see from the ground or a cracked or broken shingle.

And any type of crack in your home's roofing barrier can result in leaks to the attic space of your home, which you won't be aware of until interior damage happens to your ceiling and walls. Your professional roofer can ascertain your roof's condition from the rooftop and also inspect it from the attic space of its interior. They will look for any small moisture leak stains or the presence of condensation in the attic. 

Repair Issues

After a thorough roof inspection, your roofing professional can provide you with recommendations for repairing and replacing any components of your roof. You may be suffering from minor shingle damage, which they can repair by replacing out the damaged shingles with new ones. They will be able to remove the damaged shingle, inspect the roof deck below, and install the new shingle using the right attachment hardware and in the correct position to prevent future wind damage.

If your home has experienced more severe roof damage, including attic water damage to the roofing deck, rafters, or insulation, you will be in good hands with your roofer. You'll want to consider a roofing service that can help prepare you for the winter, like Roofers of Minnesota Co. They may recommend a full roof replacement or a partial repair to the materials. Consider their recommendations for a solid repair to your home and roof just in time for winter.