Three Roofing Trends That Roofing Companies Are Beginning To Provide For Their Consumers

Posted on: 26 May 2021

In a bid to keep up with the changing times, roofing companies have had to come up with different ways to provide roofing services that match the current roofing market demands. Thus, long gone are days when roofing options were limited to the traditional types of roofing systems. 

Nowadays, you can install an energy-efficient roofing system or even plant a garden on your roof. Thus, if you are looking to install or repair your roof, here are some of the most current trends that a roofing company can provide.

Drone Inspections

Traditionally, when inspecting a roof, a roofing contractor had to climb on the roof to conduct the inspection properly. However, since the introduction of drones, roof inspection services have become much easier. By using a drone with a live video stream to conduct the inspection, a roofing contractor doesn't have to climb on the roof. Instead, all they have to do is fly a drone above your roof and examine the areas with issues before climbing on the roof to conduct maintenance or repairs.

Using a drone enables the inspection to take up less time, and thus, the hours billed for labor get reduced, which enables a consumer to save money. Additionally, using a drone is a safe way to conduct a roof inspection, considering that the roofing industry experiences some of the highest work-related injuries every year.

Green Roofing

Inspired by the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, green roofs are becoming a trend both in residential and commercial roofing. Green gardens involve converting your roof into a garden where you can plant flowers or other types of vegetation that improve a building's curb appeal.

Thus, roofing companies are now converting rooftops into lush gardens that are more eco-friendly than other roofing materials. Additionally, the green roofing trend has also enabled roofing contractors to contribute to the global green movement by planting more vegetation in residential and commercial areas to minimize global warming and reduce the carbon emissions in the air.

Solar Roofing

As more people are looking for green energy solutions, roofing companies partner with solar panel manufacturers to provide consumers with solar roofs. Solar roofing involves installing solar panels along the roof instead of utilizing other roofing materials such as shingles.

Thus, instead of installing the solar panels on top of other roofing materials, the solar panels act as the roof. Hence, you get to use solar panels to generate electricity while still providing the full functionality of a regular roof.

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