About Us

I gently scoop Junebug up out of her tub and pull her close to my chest, breathing in that intoxicating clean baby scent. She nestles in as I carefully wrap the warm, fuzzy towel around her little body. Chatting away in her little baby babbles, she tells me the stories of her day as we carry on with her bedtime routine. First, a gentle massage. The scent of vanilla and lavender fill the nursery as I tenderly smooth the lotion across her belly. Next, we cuddle up with her special blankie for a bedtime story; The Paper Bag Princess is her favorite. She rests her cheek against the soft fabric, tranquil and at peace in the arms of her mother.

After a long and busy day I cherish these quiet moments with her. These simple rituals that wrap up the day in a slow, cozy, snuggle.

Narra Nest blossomed from these moments.

It means the world to me that my products will be there with your baby for the bathtime cuddles, the bedtime stories, the trips to the library, the midnight snacks, the Saturday morning cartoons, the picnic blanket lunch times, the first night in the big girl bed, and all the other special moments along the way. 

Narra Nest uses only 100% certified organic fabric, which means your precious babe can snuggle their skin right into that blanket without you worrying about any nasty chemicals found in conventionally farmed fabrics.


P.S. Thank you. By supporting my shop with your purchase you are allowing this mama to spend more time at home with her baby girl, and for that I am truly grateful.