Our Mission

Our Vision

This is our vision. Together with our amazing customers and circle of supporters, we're bringing this vision to life by:

  • providing non-judgemental information and encouragement, focused on a natural parenting perspective, but supporting a variety of parenting goals and styles.
  • choosing environmentally and socially responsible materials and manufacturing methods.
  • providing flexible and fair employment for local women.

And we're doing this by providing mamas with safe, beautiful, ethical goods for their babies. Stylish, modern goods that are kind to the environment and kind to your baby, remarkably practical, and destined to become your daily go tos and diaper bag must haves.

Why does this all matter so much to me? Why does a baby blanket company care so much about taking care of mothers? Why not just go grab your blankets and bibs at Walmart and call it a day? 

Our Story

I’ve always wanted to be a mom. When my partner and I decided it was time to get pregnant I was thrilled. I felt like I was about to step into the life that I was always destined for.

I was so excited to give birth. I hired a doula, and began practicing visualizations, breathing techniques, and other natural pain relief methods. I hoped to be able to avoid an epidural and other interventions. I read up on getting breastfeeding established and the importance of those first minutes and hours.

Then, around thirty weeks or so, my blood pressure started to go up. At first my doctor wasn’t too concerned, but as the weeks went by it continued to climb and climb. I was sent for monitoring more and more frequently. There were overnight stays at the hospital. I began having vision problems. The nurses had me explain to my husband what to do if I had a stroke. Eventually, my doctor told me that things were getting serious and baby would have to come by caesarean section. Due to some preexisting health conditions, the anethesiologist required me to be put completely out. Needless to say, this was not the birth that I had dreamed about.

I was devastated. I know everyone tells you "all that matters is that you and baby are healthy," and I understand that, I really do. But I felt (and in many ways, still feel) a deep sense of loss. I felt robbed of the most important moment of my life. 

After the difficult birth, I was determined to make breastfeeding work. But after three months of nipple shields, painful latches, slowed weight gain, constantly contradictory advice, and nursing and pumping around the clock I was exhausted, worried, defeated, and ready to throw in the towel.

At the same time, I was happier than I’d ever thought possible. I was consumed with this love - this love that felt like it had lit every cell in my being on fire, while somehow, simultaneously bringing me a deep, sure peace.

Finally, at the absolute end of my rope, I called a local La Leche Leader for advice. Through sobs and sniffles I told her the saga of our breastfeeding journey. She didn’t have any ideas that I hadn’t already tried. But, what she did have was something much more valuable, the one thing that I needed to hear more than anything.

“Wow, Danielle. Your daughter is so lucky to have such an incredibly determined mama working so hard for her.”

That encouragement was all I actually needed. I didn’t need to change my parenting. I didn’t need to somehow be a different or better mom. I just needed to hang in there and get over the hump. And we did. Junie’s two now and still loves having her “na-nas” before bed :)

I’m so grateful for the kind words that lovely mama shared with me that night. And that’s why I want to create a community of mamas to help me pass it on. 

Can you help us spread the love??? Here's how to start:

  • Subscribe to our emails. When there’s a call out for advice or encouragement, contribute what worked for you or share a kind word.
  • Read our blog posts (we work really, really hard on them!) and share them with the other moms in your circle if you find them helpful.
  • Come hang out with us on Instagram or Facebook and help us spread love.

And most importantly, call or text a new mom in your life and tell her how proud of her you are and what a great job she’s doing. Then bring her a frozen lasagna and good cup of coffee.

I’m so happy you’re here, mama, and I can't wait to get to know you along this journey together!

Danielle Arran, Founder and Maker