Roof Repairs That Could Be Needed Due To Squirrel Damage

Posted on: 12 July 2021

Squirrels are cute little animals that are fun to watch as you sit in your yard. However, if the squirrels decide to start playing on your roof, you may develop other ideas about them because it isn't funny when they destroy your shingles and roof deck. Squirrels have strong teeth that grow constantly, so they have a compulsion to gnaw on everything, including your roof. Here are some roof repairs you might need due to squirrel damage.
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Metal Roofing Advantages That Are Creating A Buzz Among American Homeowners

Posted on: 8 July 2021

Just as the right type of shoe protects your feet from injury while keeping you comfortable throughout the day, so too the right roof needs to protect your family from the elements while keeping them comfortable year-round. The good news is that many types of roofs are available today. However, too many choices can be confusing and overwhelming, making it harder for you to make a decision. Unless you make a decision, you'll be stuck in a rut.
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Things To Consider When Replacing Your Roof With Metal

Posted on: 7 July 2021

If you currently have an asphalt, tile, or bitumen roof and you'd like to replace it with a metal roof, there are some things you need to know. Metal roofing can be better suited for one roof than for another, for instance. And you'll need to think about which options you'll take for the replacement, such as whether you'll build over your current roof or tear it off. Here are some of the considerations to keep in mind as you plan a metal roofing installation to replace your non-metal roof.
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Why a Metal Roof Can Be a Great Investment in Your Home

Posted on: 2 July 2021

Looking for the right roofing material for your home? Whether you're considering a new roof for an existing home or a new residential build, it's important to invest in the correct roof. The good news is that many different roofing companies offer a vast array of roofing options to choose from. Each of these options has specific advantages and disadvantages that must be carefully looked at before being installed.  One particular roof type that has taken the residential roofing market by storm is metal roofing.
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